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Theo Nbs

Timeless Travel

We started outNbout visualImaging over 30 years ago to chronicle our visual experiences as we traveled the world on business. We set aside time to absorb and record local cultures, photographing the wonders of the world on a day to day basis. Yet we frequently found ourselves capturing the beauty of the local environment,  realizing you don’t have to travel to a land far away to find beauty – you may find it right outside your back door!

Messages in the Moment

Because we spend so much time outdoors many of the photos in our collections focus on the elements of nature that surround around us. Whether these visual discoveries are macro scenic shots or micro close-ups we strive primarily, to ensure that nothing is disturbed, altered or manipulated in any way. Beyond of a bit of “cropping” and “straightening” the images are presented to you in their original state. What you see is what we saw at that special moment in time.

Join Our Journey

Travel with us online and share our adventures as we continue to explore our world, both in the field and in the “lightroom” as we process and capture and prepare our images for you to enjoy.

Roderick and Audrey Bley